Precision Field Agronomist

Advanced Agrilytics

Position type: full-time

About Us

Advanced Agrilytics is an agronomic services company enabled by best in class digital capabilities providing growers independent, sophisticated and robust input prescriptions and operational advice. The company has focused on the major inputs and in-crop decisions as determined by value and return on investment within the overall system. This company is well differentiated from the crowded SaaS providers in the digital agriculture space given its impressive multi-season results and independent, high-touch business model.

Advanced Agrilytics seeks a Precision Field Agronomist to lead a regional agronomic position. A Precision Agronomist is a grower focused role based on strong relationships and leading agronomics in both digital products and traditional agronomic principles with a strong sub-field environmental focus. Qualified candidates must have dedication to a true systems approach to agronomy that offers grower specific management products that extend soil fertility, crop care (herbicide, fungicide, others), plant growth and development as well as current production practices to data management and analytics.


Crop Consulting

  • Convey products and knowledge gleaned from internal team members to growers on a weekly basis
  • Crop scouting with growers to show the value of products delivered
  • Collecting grower data for spatial data products
  • Grower crop plans, rotations, product positioning
  • Grower year end data reviews
  • Delivery of all portfolio prescriptions (example: Lime, Phosphorus, Potassium, VR Seeding, and VR Nitrogen) with fundamental rationale of each product
  • Manage & aid in training summer Interns 
  • Planning and managing the soil sample team



  • Assist in planning and protocol development for projects that influence grower knowledge of products or concepts  
  • Work with the Research Team leads on finding growers and fields for projects in your area 


Skills and Competencies

  • Four year degree or six years experience in agronomy related field
  • Must be willing to maintain or obtain a Certified Crop Advisor License within 1 year of employment
  • Must currently reside in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio territories
  • Relocation is not provided


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